Problems with external power supply for DIY edition

Subject of the issue

Powering my RPi3 + AutoPi DIY through an external 13.5 V supply (through the OBD connector) , my device keeps getting rebooted or turned off from time to time.

Steps to reproduce

I am currently trying to use the DIY AutoPi dongle to connect it to my own web service built on top Micosoft Azure using IoTHub. I need the device to always stay powered on, and am using an external power supply and powering my autopi through the OBD connector with 13.5 V. However, the device keeps rebooting randomly.

Is this expected? Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Can the power management feature be turned off?

Hi Rohit

Have you seen this guide?

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Hi @rohit21agrawal,

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This is the intended functionality. The device powers down because it has no connection to a car and then powers down due to inactivity. This is a standard safety measure to make sure your car battery is not drained.

For testing purposes I recommend that you simply disable the sleep timers. See docs here:

Best of luck with you project.


@Peter so am in a situation where the autopi powers off/restart while i am installing raspbian and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Also, how do i get the autopi executable to run these commands on the terminal? Sorry if this is a noob question, but i am having a hard time getting this off the ground. Appreciate yours and @Malte 's timely response.

No noob questions with us.

I dont understand why you would be installing raspbian. Why not just start with the image we provide? Its Raspbian on the image.

If you want to make sure it stays on, you can always plug in the little jumper in the corner (#2):

If you want to run the commands directly from the terminal, the just prefix the command with autopi, like:

autopi power.status

You can run any command from our docs.


@Peter could you link me to the image please? I wasn’t aware there was a custom raspbian image for autopi

@Peter actually is there a private chat/email where i can talk to you more about this and explain my business scenario?

Hi @rohit21agrawal

I’ve send you a pm.

For others see this thread