Problems to create a custom converter

I ask for help to anyone who wants to help me, I am not a code expert and for me this guide is difficult …
This is my problem:

I activated the logger for air intake pressure.
The measured value is in kPa (kilopascal). I would like to get the value in bars.
1 kPa to bar = 0.01 bar.
But there is a second problem, in fact the atmospheric pressure (around 1 bar = 100 kPa) must be subtracted to get the true supercharging pressure of the engine!
How can I do this?
The correct formula would be:
(Value from the sensor - 100 kPa) * 0.01 = This is the real boost pressure in bars

I asked for help
who gave me this information, but it’s still too complex for me …

To do this, you will need to create a custom converter, that uses the formula you need.
The converter is created in the custom module section under advanced on

See this example on how a converter should be implemented.

When you have created the converter and it has been synced to the device, you can test it with the following command.

obd.manage run handler=“query” args="[“INTAKE_PRESSURE”]" converter=“your_converter”

Maybe also test the command without the converter to make sure it gives the data you expect.
If you have any issues getting this to work, please feel free to check out our community for more info, or create a new topic in it.

Then they say again:

There very well might be some users who can help you.
You should start by describing the issues with as much details and screenshots you can and what you’d like to achieve, in the project category on the community.

To make it easier for people to understand and help you, feel free to include the above steps I sent you :slight_smile:
That might give people a headstart and then they can help you fill in the blanks.

Does anyone feel like helping me?