Problems connecting to 4G network - UK Three

I’m trying to save the settings using my installed SIM. It’s an old SIM that has just recently had a data top-up, so these might be issues with the SIM not the Autopi, but whilst I can’t currently save the settings via the 4G SIM, can I save the settings and get all data transfers done via wifi? By this I mean that when I arrive home, the car is within range of the home wifi and it would be great if I could do any large data transfers whilst it was connected to my home wifi rather than the 4G SIM network.

Meanwhile, this as what is not currently working.

Subject of the issue

The dongle won’t save the settings

Your environment

AutoPi - Software version was 2018 May (Not sure of exact version)

Steps to reproduce

Connected to dongle wifi OK
Connected to webpage OK
Selected United Kingdom 3 for APN settings
(This uses APN String only, no users or passwords)
Save settings

Expected behaviour

Should save settings

Actual behaviour

Network error!

Not sure what the problem was, but all working now.

Hi @captainfuzzyface,

Glad to hear that everything is working now.

Not sure if you need further assistance, but if you do dont hessitate to write again.