Problem with GET_DTC command

On an Ford Fiesta 2004 the command:

obd.query GET_DTC


_type: get_dtc
_stamp: ‘2019-07-02T17:09:33.521016’
value: [ ]

This is an expected value.

While on a Honda Jazz 2005 and a Toyota Corolla 2000, returns:

‘ERROR: No data received from vehicle within timeout’

Ford Fiesta connects on mode[6] CAN 11/500
Honda Jazz and a Toyota Corolla connects on mode[3] ISO 9141-2
Toyota Corolla has at least 3 known DTCs

Dongle’s version is:

My quastion is. How can I set this timeout ?

Try obd.query GET_DTC $timeout=60

Not sure if it works this way though

The $timeout is for the process execution time

I think the error is in the timing for the obd communication, more specifically the car does not respond within an expected time frame.

What do i do to check if my speculation is correct?

I found that same command in the link below.


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