Prevent autopi from power on when engine is off

is there a way to achieve this?
I want my autopi to turn on only if engine is started or by SMS


Hi Fabio

So you want to disable the default scheduled wakeup?

You should be able to achieve that by either setting the interval to 0 on all three sleep timers in the device settings view on But the period being 0 also means that the device will go into hibernation - which means that the modem will also be turned off, ie. it will be a “cold” start the next time you turn on the car. So the modem will take longer to find the first fix.
Also, in hibernation, the modem will not be able to receive text messages, so this will not work if you need wake on sms.

The other way to do it, is to increase the period to a high value, so that it will only rarely wake up.
The value is in seconds, so to make it wake up once every 12 hours you can set it to 43200 seconds.
There is an upper limit to the interval values, based on the data type of the field in the chip, but I am unfortunately not sure what the limit is.

But it seems that even high values like 604800 seconds (one week) is possible.

Best regards

Hi Malte!
thanks for the answer, well i think a 24/48 hour wake is ok for me since i use my car almost everyday
i just want to prevent some sort of battery drain and since i don’t care if my autopi is online when i’m not in my car i just want to keep it offline

Do you think 86400 sec/172800 sec are safer values?


EDIT: i’m not able to find the devices setting view, can you help me ? :frowning:

Hi Fabio

Yes, they should work.
Yes of course, and sorry about the long wait :frowning:

You find the device settings in the top right corner, when you click on the avatar, and then “settings”.
Then click the “Dongles” tab -> and then “Advanced”.

We know the settings menu is not that easy to find, and we have a few changes to the icons to make it easier in one of the next updates.

Best regards

Hi Malte,
I’ve an additional question.
If I set the sleep timer to 24 hours or longer, does this affect the setting “Critical Limit” for the battery? Because if the device is sleeping, how it can check if voltage is below those level?

So my question is if it’s better to set the sleep timer to a smaller value like 3 hours and set the critical limit to a high value like 12.5V or 12.6V, so that if the device wakes up and voltage is low it can go into hibernate mode.
Or is it better to choose a really long sleep mode?

Like Fabio, I also do not have the need that the device is running while the car is parking. But for sure I want to get it started fast when I turn on the engine and I want to get the car started also when temperature falls below -10°C like these days.

Best Regards,