Powering external devices via USB

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right now I have managed to power an Arduino UNO via USB to the AutoPi. But I am unsure if this will damage the AutoPi?

I know that most Raspberry Pi models can’t give to much power to any external devices. Even so when using some kind of shield. For example, you are not supposed to draw power from a Raspberry Pi with a powered USB hub.

Does the AutoPi have the same restrictions? Or can the AutoPi power more power hungry devices than a plain Raspberry Pi?

Hey @sandorstorm!

It is possible to charge external devices, however we do not recommend connecting devices that consume more than 500mA.

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Hi and thank you!
Does this mean that the Gen 1 and Gen 2 AutoPis can provide more power to external devices than the standalone Raspberry Pi Zero W?

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Yes, they can provide more power to external devices than a standalone Raspberry Pi Zero W.


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