Power consumption of each state

What is power consumption in Wh when the device is each state?

  • hibernate
  • sleep
  • sleep with modem turned on
  • on (with raspberry pi zero idling)
  • if there are other states please let me know

Also, how long can device stay in each state until the power must be cut off assuming the car does not move and battery was fully charged?
I am especially interested in sleeping with modem on - are we talking about few days or two weeks?


One more thing regarding Narrowband: can it also wake up the pi? If so, what are the power consumption numbers there?

Hi @jzvc,

Welcome to the community.

The AutoPi operates in 3 states:

Hibernate - RPi, modem and all auxiliary is off - Uses between 2-5 mA
Sleep - RPi is off (remote wake is possible here) - Uses between 25-50 mA
On - Everyting is running - Uses between 100-300 mA (depends a lot on the cell signal strength)

The device is build to be left in cars for extended time, without harming the battery. We do recommend that you remove the device if you are not planning to use the car for more than 3 weeks.

In the NB setup, the numbers drops significantly, when On. You can expect values between 50-100 mA. The remote wake up relies on an SMS to the device, so if you NB sim has a phone number, then you should be able to wake it up.