Postman "how to start with"


this is my screen shoot to use postman
i am not good so, I lets you understand how it work

1- install postman and write this line
same as the screen and use “post”. don’t forget this line too, same as the screen, and put your own mail and pass from autopi. send click “send” (blue bottom)

you will get your token, but is available only 8 hours :grimacing:

copy past your token and then write this line, but this time you need to send it at “get”

click “send” (blue bottom) you will get all you info from autopi

then, next step is get data, so copy past this line:{8c017d7f-ea14-4c9c-9151-aec0da6008de}&interval=1s&end_utc=now

but change the date of the request directly in the line, and send as “get” too. you should put your token you get before.

you have the soc in this exemple:

then you can upload it

Exporting Data (Specifically GPS e.g. GPX file)

Nice work @Remy_Tsuihiji. Thank you for helping.

I have a small addition to your example. As you have shown the API takes a field type as input. This field is dependent on the data you have logged and is dynamic. To see what fields you can query for you can just use this endpoint:

I will return a list of available fields, so that you dont have to guess.


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