Please add Fiat 500e (and a general EV question)

My device arrives soon, but I noticed 500e is not listed in the “Car explorer” - can it be added as an option?

I see EVs require additional setup for power cycle messaging. Besides that I imagine I can configure each bus, add all the PIDs I’ve decoded, configure triggers and loggers, then it works like any vehicle?


Hi @carrrl,

Welcome to the community.

Please email, they can assist you in creating the vehicle in the list.


After speaking with support I wanted to document my experience with this vehicle.

  • Fiat 500e is not OBD-II compliant (EVs aren’t required to be in USA) but AutoPi really wants it to be
  • CAN bus detection fails with Internal RS232 transmit buffer is full due to high traffic (2,000+ msg/s) on CAN-C, but can be manually detected and added via CAN Analyzer
  • Bus detection is not always “silent” and can cause error frames on CAN-C which then throws all kinds of cluster errors. CAN-B cannot be manually or automatically determined because it’s constantly messing with CAN-C - Why can I not just assign specific pins to busses/protocols?
  • Power cycle cannot be configured as suggested for EVs. PID queries require extended headers, but UI is locked to the typical 3 characters. CAN filter creation is disabled (seemingly because bus cannot be verified/auto detected?)
  • Since these two core functions are not available to me, the entire value proposition is lost, all other features hinge on that core functionality.

What are my options? I am basically left with an old RPi running a web terminal that wants to go to sleep every 5 minutes.

Is there hardware documentation so I can at least roll my own stack top to bottom? Raspbian, SocketCAN, ACC power would work just fine, surely that can be done with this device? I hoped AutoPi would save me time, but it seems not :confused: