Peugeot Rifter messages read

Subject of the issue

Hi, I was trying to record and replay messages via the explorer, I found that the protocol was the [6] via autodetect. In particular I’m recording the event of central lock system lock/unlock (I was thinking to automate that when I’m nearby) but when I replay the messages nothing happens. Is it possible that the recorded messages are not related to the central lock system or something else?
Do you have any tips to look further in this topic?


Your environment

  • What version is the dongle? 2019.12.04

Steps to reproduce

  • connect autopi on car
  • wait until everything shows as connected
  • start a “CAN Recorder” session
  • load recorded file into “CAN Player” section
  • hit play button

Expected behaviour

The car should open/lock the doors

Actual behaviour


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