Pending change never disapears

Subject of the issue

There is a pending sync which never syncs and never disappears

Your environment

  • TMU SocketCAN
  • Release: 1.22.9

Steps to reproduce

Deleting a still deployed Docker Project

Expected behaviour

The Project disappears and the sync is synced and doesn’t show up anymore

Actual behaviour

The Project disappears and is deleted on the device, but still sits firm in the pending changes list.

The pending sync as of the API, and it is not deletable by API.

      "id": 85671,
      "model": "Release",
      "has_failed": false,
      "updated_at": "2022-12-29T14:04:48.147522Z",
      "updated_by": "xxxxxxx",
      "updated_by_id": 3855,
      "name": "",
      "deleted": true



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