Pair autopi Bluetooth with my car radio

sorry to open a new topic every time I need some help​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I was just thinking if it’s possible to use my car Bluetooth audio as autopi external audio, this to play some music from it (maybe with mopidy!?) or to use the internal Sim to make calls without using the phone connected to the bt radio

is there a way to pair it? I ask because I have already tried but looks like standard methods I used times ago with my rpi 3 don’t work with autopi

I have sshd into the autopi and I’ve seen there’s a raspbian in there, am I wrong?

can you provide a tutorial for this? pairing autopi with a Bluetooth device



Hi Fabio

Yes you should be able to do that with our device, but it’s not something we have tried before, you you’d be in uncharted waters.
Yes the distribution is Raspbian, so if it’s possible with a standard raspberry pi, it should also be possible with the autopi. I’m not sure why the commands you used for rpi3 is not working, I’m not sure if we have cut some weight in the distribution, but I don’t think so - maybe it’s related to rpi3 vs zero or something.
What commands did you expect to work?

Really cool idea, feel free to create a topic in the project category, if you decide to build it :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Malte,
I confirm I successfully paired the rpi with my car, was making some mistakes, like… I forgot that the autopi needs a usb bt adapter because it’s not a rpi3 :smiley:

Just one thing, I have problems with pulse audio now but to make this work I need to do some tests in my home… Is there a way or a cable I can buy to power on my autopi using a smple ac adapter?
I need to be on my PC to make things work!


Hi Fabio,
Cool! - I think you are correct, you should not need a adapter for the zero W model, as it already has bluetooth 4.0 LE, so I would think you should be able to do it without the adapter.

Yes, you are not the first to ask about a power cable.
We sell this in our webshop:

Just make sure that your power supply output voltage is above 12.3v - the easiest way is to get a variable power supply, so that you are sure it can deliver the required voltage.

Best regards

Hi Malte,
OK gonna buy it!

Anyway, I made some mistake on my autopi and now looks like it doesn’t boot anymore

How can I reset it?



found it ! gonna reflash my device,

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Hey Fabio,

is there a guide or tutorial available on how to pair the dongle with the car. I also have the need of making calls with car’s hands-free equipment and dongle via bluetooth.

Best Regards,

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