OBD2 emulator/simulator to test AutoPi

I am a hobbyist and interested in AutoPi project. I am trying to work on open source code https://github.com/autopi-io/autopi-core.
Since for development and testing of AutoPi, I need an OBD2 enabled car or an OBD2 car emulator/simulator.
Since some of you might have come across this problem too, how do I test my version of AutoPi dongle? What development tools (emulator/simulator) to use?

Bumping this as I have a similar question.

My goal is to build some custom triggers for training information. But outside of actually causing an accident… how can I emulate things like a sudden stop, sudden acceleration, driving with the car door open (making stuff up at this point), etc…

I guess, if there is an accelerometer I could just throw the device at a wall or something. But that seems… uhm… like a bad idea. :wink: