No Wifi when plugged in to ODB-II

Subject of the issue

I bought a Sim card and service from Cricket wireless, which the dealer activated before I left the store. I put it into the Sim slot on the Autopi (latest generation), plugged it into the ODB-II port on the vehicle and sat right next to it with my phone. Got a blue light on the Autopi, then a flashing green light, but the Wifi on it NEVER comes up. Eventually a voice comes up saying something like Autpopi system network 4G not connected? I can’t even get into it to do basic trouble shooting or information gathering.

Your environment

  • Not sure - latest generation, just received last week

Steps to reproduce

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Expected behaviour

Should come up on the Wifi list on my iPhone sitting right next to it so I can go in and see what’s going on.

Actual behaviour

Wifi never comes up.

Output of power.status command

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Run the command


in the terminal on, and paste the result here.

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  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

The latest gen is running on a pi3, that leaves you with 2 options to use ssh to access the device after boot: Serial interface Via UART pins and USB to TTL adapter, or the easier way, via the LAN port on the Pi.

This should allow you to troubleshoot/diagnose at least if the WAN modem is detected, etc…


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This case was solved through support.

While each case may vary, when encountering it is usually either based on some configuration issue with the device or maybe a service isn’t starting up.
Does the green light ever turn from flashing to solid? If it doesn’t then the initial startup of the Core isn’t completing successfully.
There are two possible solutions here:
-If the green light is solid or blinking, you should wait and try again when it is solid green.

Otherwise, a possible solution is to try to reflash the device.

A guide for reflashing is found at this community post: Guide: Reflashing your device