No OBD information from my Car

My Autopi seems work (Wifi, GPS, temperature, …) but it seems have no information from my car, from OBD.

Your environment

Dongle received this week. Up to date.

Steps to reproduce

My car still on after a trip
I’m connecting from my smartphone to the Dongle
I go to the terminal et write

Expected behaviour

A liste of commands
A status…

Actual behaviour

error: >- No reply message received within timeout of 30 secs - please try again and mybe increase timeout value


How can I investigate ? What can I check ?


Hi Saltor

With the engine running, right?
Can you check the output of the following commands?


Do you see the trip on

Best regards

Thanks for you quick response.

Yes Engine running right. My car is an Honda Jazz/Fit 2013.
Yes I see my trips on (except right now because no money on my SIM).

This is the output of your commands, but not easy to read.

Existing another way to export logs ? Can we connect with an SSH terminal ?

Hi Saltor

Maybe the wording is confusing me, but the engine is running when you run the obd.status and obd.commands? :smiley:

Okay, if the trips are registered, then it can talk to the car correctly, so we know that it works.
You can also connect to the device via SSH when connected to the hotspot, that will make reading logs much easier. (password autopi2018)


You can find the log at


Best regards

Yes, I understood about the engine, no problem :wink:

However, I don’t understand why you say that if trips are registered then the communication with the car is ok. Only OBD power on/off, GPS and SIM data are required for this. No ?

Is it possible to access a history of the OBD data collected?

Good :smiley:

The trips are currently created based on engine events, which in turn are based on the RPM’s retrieved via the OBD2 port, so this means that if trips are generated correctly, we know that it is able to retrieve RPM from the engine.

The only way currently, is via the dashboard.
But we hope at some point to also have a raw viewer, where you can see ALL logged data, a bit like the events page, but with logged data instead.


Thank you for your answer Malte,

Afterwards I tried to connect but with my laptop this time. Everything was good… I don’t know why it didn’t work with my smartphone (I’ll try it again sometime).

Thank you for your answer and look forward to your new features!

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