No data in the Cloud after reflashing

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I don’t get data to the Cloud after reflashing my AutoPi. I saved the /etc/salt/pki/minion folder and replaced it after the flash. The WIFI ssid changed and it was shown as Online but there are no data in the Cloud. I found the error 401 Unauthorized in the logs. So do I have to change the “Auth Token” in the settings?

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Expected behaviour

Send Data to the Cloud

Actual behaviour

401 Unauthorized


2019-06-20 23:06:36,544 [cloud_cache :309 ][WARNING ][832] Failed retry attempt 20/30 for uploading queue 'retr_20190619164203543096_#19': 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:


You need to get the new ID reauthorized by sending it via email to Autopi.
I think they mention that you need to send in the new ID for it to be able to be tied to the Cloud feat.

Once you have flashed your device, you will need to have it re-accepted in the AutoPi Cloud. To do so, just send an e-mail to with your device ID. Alternatively, prior to flashing you can manually backup the key files in /etc/salt/pki/minion . By copying these files to the same location on the new installation, you do not need to have your device re-accepted.

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the guide says, that it is not needed to re-accept your device if you copy the files.

This isn’t the first time I flashed the AutoPi. The last time I flashed it, it worked instantly.
But maybe they changed something or I did something wrong. The strange thing is, that I can use the Web Terminalweb_terminal

aaaahhh, noted. Then it is odd :confused:

The local terminal or the cloud one?

Same propblem i suppose.
I had reflashing, put my minion backup file, but it was not accepted. So I should send mail to do it.
But before when I reflashed, it was working well when I putted my minion backup file.
So maybe as change.


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