Next software update?

Hi @Peter @Malte

I know we keep pestering you, but any news on the next software update ? Last release was in May and its been nearly a year since my first post here. Time ticks on …

The main issue for me is with electric vehicles and detecting trips, detecting charging and related issues - we really need to get away from the various work-arounds.

I would still love to see this work as previewed in the tutorials - in general I’m willing to put effort in but I’m currently holding back pending the next update. Indeed, I’m considering trying out alternative hardware solutions.

See also the comments in the So, where are we? thread.




I agree - And I don’t want to be too harsh on the team, but I’m looking really forward to the update that finally solves the trip logging problem for EV’s.

The thing I don’t understand though, is that I currently use an OwlCam dashcam (connects via OBD), and previously to the AutoPi, I had an Automatic OBD adapter to log trips. Both of these devices seem to support accurate and reliable trip logging with the same car. Automatic even makes it clear that EV’s and PHEV’s aren’t officially supported, yet it worked every time. The OwlCam dashcam records continiously while driving, and enters standby mode when not, and sure enough it does it just fine.

I can’t say for sure what each product is doing in order to detect driving vs. not driving on my vehicle, but I’m looking forward to when the AutoPi can do the same. :grinning:

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Hi @plord and @MrEricM

Yeah… we originally planned on making a release every month or so, and it went according to plan for a while, but after the may release we have been working on some features that turned out to involve quite a bit more work than we expected, for a large number of reasons, bad estimates, vacation, test iterations that makes it clear that feature A is not really useful unless we also make feature B.

So all in all, we have been very busy, and we have made a lot of improvements and new features, including the things we have promised you, for a while, regarding trips generation and lifecycle management.

In the next release, much more will be configurable, including all the lifecycle configuration that is currently running on the device, but hidden away.
This means users can both change what events does what, but also create new events and then react to those custom events.
We will of course include a thorough description of the changes in the change log.

We really, really wan to deploy this release and get back to the old more or less scheduled monthly releases as we get input from you guys much faster that way and it’s much less risky with smaller releases.

We hope to be able to release the newest version of the platform within the next 2-3 weeks.

Best regards


Are there plans with the next software update to add instructions for manually building/installation for other devices? And are there any immediate plans to potentially support the Raspberry Pi 4 or is the power draw on this new Pi too much?

Hi @plord and @MrEricM

We’ve finally been able to release the next software version today:

Of the coming days, we’ll add guides showing you how to do all the stuff you want to do for EV’s. But essitially all the functionality is there.

We do know, that this is long overdue, but as @Malte explained there was some unforseen obstacles which needed fixing.

We hope to be able to pick up our monthly release schedule again, from now on.


Great. Many thanks. I’ll plan in some testing over the next few days.

Thank you! Can’t wait to update and try it out! :slight_smile: