Need help with Dongle v2

My 2011 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X was working great I had trip data and dashboard information while driving, etc.

Eventually, I had issues with updating to the new firmware (Oct. 5, 2020) but it went through at some point.

Then in June 2020 my truck was totaled and I had to purchase a new car, 2015 Toyota 4Runner.

I changed information in the dongle to the 4Runner and away I went. Since then, I’ve seen ZERO data, dashboard information, and other stuff.

I had filed tickets about the dashboard returning KPH instead of MPH conversion, I mentioned the zoom on the map effect was broken. Now, it’s all broken.

It also appears the forum had died down over this device.

Can I get some support from anyone?

I also have issues with firmware ( 2020.05.27). Make sure that the 4Runner is selected at Device Settings by selecting the vehicle and pressing Save. Also I have found that running the command obd.commands helps the device to add the supported PIDs into the Library for the selected vehicle for some reason. Then go and check the Registered Loggers. Restoring Defaults may help.

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I’m going to fire up the 4Runner to see if this will rescan.

I got errors and I got timeouts for that obd.commands

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