Need Help getting BG96 Cat M1 modem to connect at startup. Ticket#952566

Subject of the issue

I recently subscribed to a data plan with ThingsMobile. I can get the autopi to connect if I ssh in and run sudo qmi-manager up, but that doesn’t scale very well to actually using it in my car.

Your environment

Dongle is a Gen2 running 1.21.9 with a Quectel BG96 modem, revision BG96MAR02A07M1G

Steps to reproduce

Connect the dongle to power and after it is fully booted, fur qmi-manager status and it will return error that qmi is not available. Run qmi-manager up and it will start the modem and get an IP address from T-Mobile

Expected behaviour

The modem should connect to the carrier at startup without user intervention.

Have tried creating a cron job to run the qmi-manager commands as well as a job in the ui, but not working. Anyone have a solution?

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