Multiple problems with Vehicle with Autopi plugged in

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I finally received the SIM card for my Autopi and inserted it into it and then plugged it into my vehicles ODB-II port. My vehicle is a 2020 Vanderhall Venice GT. It uses the same engine as that in the Chevy Cruze. When I started the ignition, my digital odometer display said only something about some version information (not normal) and the Oil Pressure low light was on. I immediately shutdown the ignition, then restarted it. This time, my low fuel level warning light was on, there was no fuel level displayed on the vehicles gauge, and the traction control light was on. When I went to shutdown the vehicle again, it would NOT turn off. When I unplugged the Autopi from the ODB-II port, the vehicle turned off right away. I restarted it without Autopi connected, and everything was normal again. As soon as I plugged it back into the port, everything went haywire again.

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Hi @wapiti59,

Sounds really strange. The AutoPi should not be able to cause the things you see. Do you have any other equipment connected to you CAN bus? Maybe another ODB reader of sorts, that could cause collisions on the data transmission?

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