Multiple CAN Busses

Just about to pull the trigger on an auto pi but have some questions first.

My car has high speed and medium speed CAN networks. In order for the auto pi to be functional for telematics it will need to be reading data from the HS_CAN network. In order for it to do what I want to do for an android auto automation project, it will need to be reading (and possibly writing) data on the MS_CAN network. Does the auto pi board have 2 CAN interfaces? I know both are present in my OBD2 port as the vehicle manufacturer’s software connects to both from there.

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The AutoPi supports both CAN HS and MS. See this doc for the supported pinout of the device:


Thanks, I had seen that. I meant more, can it send/receive on both HS and MS without a reconfiguration in the interface? You don’t have to switch between HS and MS?

The device will automatically switch between the different protocols when needed to, so everything is managed in software.


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