LTE/4G connection

Subject of the issue

Using an O2 Germany (second sim - Data only) Simcard, no LTE connection seems to work. I’ve checked with O2 about the APN settings, and those are correct (internet as the APN, nothing else entered)

O2 believe that the sim is activated and functional, although I haven’t used it since it was delivered to me a few years ago now.

I haven’t yet tested with my regular sim to see if that’s the problem.

Your environment

I can only find the board version - 6.1

Steps to reproduce

Literally just turning on the device and watching the LTE connection

Expected behaviour

LTE connection is available

Actual behaviour

Fails to connect to the LTE service. Appears to state ‘Registration denied’ as shown in the below screenshot.

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I took the sim and tested it in a phone, and it worked just fine for data.

Upon testing my other sim card, I got a different error ‘registered-not-searching’, and that persists across both simcards now

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