LoRA & SigFox hardware added to next version?


perhaps it would be awesome to have some LoRa and/or SigFox network capabilities in a next version of the AutoPi.
For example a FiPi has this build-in. (pycom.io)

Then you wouldn’t be dependent on a SIM for realtime data. use this in conjunction with an small mqtt client and broker.

I will look into combining fipy and autopi. would be a nice project.


Hi Eelco

Great idea, it would be cool to have access to alternative ways to communicate.
If you do end up doing a project, we would be very interested in hearing about it :slight_smile:

Best regards


i will certainly do!

For now i have one fipy and one autoPi. and just started playing around with both of these awesome devices…

need to get familiar with both of the boards code and api’s but i will definitely try to combine in one project.

pycom has also some OEM boards so that would be interesting for soldering onto the next autoPi version (who knows … :wink: .


Any ETA of v.next ? LoRA/LoRAWAN native support will be a must.


I think the best thing would be to make a “wishlist” of features which would be send through LoRA.

When i have more time i want to make a start on combining a Pycom LoPi4 / FiPy device via GPIO pins.
But if people would bring up ideas what functionalities should be send via LoRa i can start scripting the PyCom side already (in micropython) based on the GPIO input data. Furthermore is connecting for example to TheThingsNetwork enough for we as developers to build their own application on top of that, or is there more needed…

also, only an uplink data transmission or do we want to control the autopi via LoRa…? What do you all think? Do you have ideas?

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