Logging raw can data


we would like to log all of the raw CAN data to a file additionally to the signals that are sent to and visualized in the cloud.
According to the documentation (Log raw CAN messages | AutoPi Documentation) there are two ways to do this, either via obd.monitor or obd.export. I couldn’t get the former to work yet, and it seems we might have to use obd.export anyway to handle the data throughput.
So we have already configured obd.export and it works and logs the raw CAN data to a file. However now the dashboard doesn’t receive data anymore, as it is already explained in the docs. There it is also described that the file_import can be used to reintegrate the CAN data, but how exactly would that look like? I have configured a worker with the handler “export”, but where should it send its data? As far as I can see, the dashboard CAN signals come from the other OBD workers which are read only and use the “query” command.
So how can we redirect the raw data to the dashboard (and the other components of the framework for e.g. event triggering)?

Thanks in advance!

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