Local.autopi.io wifi settings not implemented?

So I got my DIY kit setup but can’t figure out how to connect to my home wifi. When I go to local.autopi.io everything seems fine and I’m connected to dongle. I just can’t make any changes to the Wifi settings. It’s grayed out and states “Not implemented yet.” I’ve flashed the newest build of autopi_core (v051018) image. Autopi.io web version 17d8c3df)

Did I miss a step somewhere?

Hi Frank,

I see why you are confused. The entire WiFi section has been moved to a new tab. In the top where it says “Terminal”, “Device” there should be a tab called “WiFi”.

We will see if we can make it clearer in the next version.


Hi Peter,

Is it possible already to setup a WiFi Hotspot on the autopi dongle so that all mobile devices connected in the car can stream audio e.g. spotify or youtube?


Hi @Pravin,

If the devices is connected to the hotspot, wouldn’t they automatically be able to stream any data you would want? Cannot see why you would need a special setup on the AutoPi for that.