Local.autopi.io issues

Just wanted to share an issue I ran into connecting to my DIY over wifi.

Any browser or mobile device that implements private DNS very likely will not be able to access http://local.autopi.io since it will not use the DNS server provided by the unit. You’ll have to disable the private DNS on your android/iOS device or on your browser in order to resolve the IP address. I don’t think there could be any fix unless autopi.io DNS was hosted by a provider that could allow public records to point to an address in the private network scope which would be a bad idea.

1 possible other solution would be to provide a PWA running on the web at local.autopi.io and have it send ajax requests to the pi to detect the connection and even load data

Hi Nathan

Yeah you are right.

Today we have a loading page hosted on the local subdomain on autopi.io, all it does it check if the endpoint running on the device is accessible, which it will be once you connect to the device hotspot, when it detects a 200 OK from the endpoint, it will simply refresh the page, and then the actual configuration tool should take over.

But even with a PWA, wouldn’t the issue still be that it needs to connect to something, and without the local DNS being able to translate local.autopi.io to an IP, it still wouldn’t be able to connect.
Please correct me if i’m wrong :slight_smile:

Anyway, first things first, I will include this case in our guide so other people experiencing this issue can resolve it.

Best regards

I guess I have only used a single autopi but I was assuming the gateway IP is always the same thus the same local IP would be used on every autopi.