Leave Hibernate mode with crontab job, or new extended Sleeping mode?

Subject of the issue

Is it possible to wake-up the dongle with a crontab job when in hibernate mode or is the dongle s completely switch off?
If it’s not possible to wake-up it on, what would be the config to make an extended sleeping mode with fewer battery use and a possible wake-up with a cronjob?

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  • What version is the dongle? (Find on software state page on my.autopi.io)

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Do’s & dont’s

  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

The only way to wake the device up while it is in hibernation is either by switching the car on, or by sending an SMS to the SIM card in the AutoPi. You may need to set the correct power management settings.
You can follow the guide below: Remotely waking up your device

Using the power.sleep_timer module you can alter the sleep timers on the device.

Basically there are two types of sleep timers:

  1. Hardware sleep timer. This is triggered at 12.2V and will force your device into sleep. This is an absolute last preventive sleep timer to ensure that your device wont drain the battery. We dont recommend tampering with this (but it is possible)
  2. Software/OS sleep timers. These can be altered through the power.sleep_timer function, and this is the ones I recommend you start working with.

You can disable all sleep timers with this command:

power.sleep_timer enable=False

You can add new sleep timer with this command:

power.sleep interval=3600 delay=7200 confirm=True

This will make the device sleep for 1 hour after 2 hours of uptime.

If you combine the sleep timers with the Jobs on the device, then you could even setup the device to do this automatically.