Kia Niro Electric - Needed hard reset of vehicle, disconnect 12v battery


First of all, I am not sure that the AutoPi did cause this, but it is the main suspect.

A couple of days ago my electric seats started to behave strange, the memory presets did not always work.
Today that didn’t work either but the central locking did not work either, not from the key fob or from the buttons inside or outside the car. The trunk could not be opened in any way.

From another thread here i read that disconnect the 12v battery can reset the car, so I did and now everything work fine again.

So I have a theory, very much a guess, but you guys who know more about this stuff, help me out.

Something (maybe the AutoPi) is generating ODB errors that eventually fills up the RAM of the ECU and when this happens all sort of weird faults can appear. Only way to restart the ECU and clear the RAM is to disconnect the battery. Does this sounds somewhat logical?

Can this be seen in the AutoPi logs? Guess that this is already to late, but I have a feeling that this might happen again.


I had issue 3 times with kona EV
1 is because I removed the dongle when the car was on, another maybe because too much error, because maybe the dongle request if the engine is running or not.
My advice is:
Never unplug the dongle when car is ON
and also never plug it too.
Maybe the dongle was booting when I turn the car off too. I don’t know well.
Now with the last update, seem to not have this error. And If I need reboot the dongle, I do by ssh.
For EV power management, we need to make custom setting in the new section, but nobody know how to do it.
But it is the last step before autopi work fine on EV car.


Hi Remy,
Thank you for your response. I have never plugged in or out the dongle while driving nor have i restarted the Dongle.

My dongle runs the latest firmware from 8th May and Vehicle Type been set to BEV vehicle since i bought the dongle.


So i need to be careful too.
The problem is not fix yet.
Anyway i have the tool always with me to unplug the 12v batterie. For 2 minutes is ok. Don’t need 10 minutes.
It is not good but no other solution. And I want to use autopi with my personal app (who work well)
I hope we will have an update soon


Just a hunch, can any of you try to measure 12 V battery voltage with a multimeter when this happens?
I’ve discharged my Ioniq’s 12 V battery to 7,5 V and never had to disconnect it to get my car back up and running.

Just curious :slight_smile: