Kernel Error starting earlier this week

Subject of the issue

Kernel error in the event log.

Your environment

2020.05.27, AutoPi Gen2

Steps to reproduce

July 16th 2020, 07:07:02



event.system.kernel.timestamp: ‘2020-07-16T06:04:40,235205+0000’

event.system.kernel.message: ‘bcm2835_mmal_vchiq: Failed to open VCHI service connection (status=-1)’

event.system.kernel.level: err

event.system.kernel.facility: kern

Expected behaviour

No kernel errors. :wink:

Actual behaviour

A kernel error appears and some jobs that were correctly running are not scheduled properly.

Output of power.status command


Do’s & dont’s

  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

Hi @therussian.

This is an error that occurs when you set the GPU memory to less than 32 (I’m assuming that that’s MBs). You can check a GitHub issue describing this here. It is an informative error, as the AutoPi device isn’t supposed to handle graphical user interfaces anyways. We’re working on a fix to silence this error, as it doesn’t affect our devices.


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