Issue with OBD Connection and GPS

Subject of the issue

Cannot receive any obd.queries from ECU, cannot change obd protocol or activate obd connection, also cannot receive GPS data from Autopi Dongle.

Your environment

  • What version is the dongle? Generation 2

My car is a 2000 Land Rover Discovery 2 which uses CAN protocol ISO9141. I can verify on my own OBD2 Scan Tool that the protocol is correct and I can read all the ECU parameters on it, however my Autopi never detects a connection. Whenever I try to manually change the obd.protocol to 21 it fails.

obd.protocol output
autopi obd.protocol
_stamp: ‘2019-07-12T16:15:51.686050’
autodetected: null
baudrate: null
ecus: []
id: null
name: null

If I try to manually set it

autopi obd.protocol set=21
_stamp: ‘2019-07-12T16:16:44.152653’
autodetected: false
baudrate: 10390
ecus: []
id: ‘21’
name: ISO 9141 (no header, no autoinit)

If I try to reset the connection

autopi obd.connection reset=True
API not ready, retrying. Please wait…
error: ‘’‘bool’’ object has no attribute ‘‘lower’’’

If I run obd.connection

autopi obd.connection
_stamp: ‘2019-07-12T16:37:51.776854’
baudrate: 19200
port: /dev/serial0
status: bus_disconnected

Going through the minion log is a major pain in the butt because my GPS is not working either and spamming the logs with:
[salt.loaded.ext.engines.tracking_manager:140 ][WARNING ][649] Unable to determine GNSS location: {‘reason’: ‘505’, ‘type’: ‘CME’}

Any help with the OBD connection or the GPS would be very much appreciated. So far all I’ve managed to do is get it on Verizon’s network so I can use it as a hotspot.

Hi @EthanM,

Sorry for the late reply.

Please update to latest revision of the AutoPi Core. This should solve your issues with the OBD connection.

To fix the issues with the CME error for the GPS, please see this post: