Integrate with geospatial augmented reality platform

Just purchased the dongle and I am toying with the idea of integrating it with my geospatial augmented reality platform. My platform digitises the complete environment around you so you would just point your smartphone at your car to see statistics overlayed on the camera. Not yet looked at the Auto Pi api but you would essentially create a bearer token with access to the data that you want my app to access You would then enter the bearer token into the app.

My platform ( is initially launching in UK so if you are outside the UK you will not see buildings / roads etc in the app. You will just see a 3D model of a car.

I’m sure there is a lot of data which can be displayed so was wondering if there is some sort of profile system on here where you could add, say, a profile which contains the data you would want to see.

My app also has features such as WalkNav™ which will draw a green navigation line on your camera to your car. Great for those festivals where the car park is vast and finding your car is impossible.

Would this be something this community would be interested in ?

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This has now been done My app will be released on Android over the next few months and the funcitionality will be free.