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So I have an Hyundai Ioniq Electric, with some bells and whistles already in it. Like a camera used for Lane keeping, Radar for crash avoidance and adaptive cruise control, Parking Sensors, and much more. But I was wondering, are theses systems usually hooked up to the CAN-Bus, I mean can the AutoPi access these devices? In the Kickstarter it mentioned that one could add camera and parking sensors, but if the car already have this, then it would feel redundant to add more.

Hi Eldaria

You are right, if you already have those features in your car, you would probably focus your efforts on something else that will give you more value.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware if the mentioned systems are hooked up to the CAN-bus. There are so many different cars, and technical info about them is very very hard to find.
But one of the ways we plan to handle this issue, is by allowing the autopi owners to use the device for CAN sniffing, this means that you can explore your car, and figure out what systems are connected, and how they work.
This is done by enabling the CAN-sniffer feature, and then invoke/press whatever button you want to explore, and see then by looking at the traffic on the bus, you should be able to figure our what command is sent for that particular button.

I hope this answers all your questions :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the sniffing feature, first thing I will try to sniff out are some of the buttons. In my car there is this annoying Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) when driving slow, I can disable it with a button, but every time I turn the car off, it re-activates. Also the car has a “Auto-Hold” function that is not possible to se on as default, so that is also a button I will sniff to see if I can change it automatically when I turn on the car.

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Cool! That is great use cases!
That’s what we like to see, the device solving specific issues, and/or assisting with the simple, but cool stuff :slight_smile:

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