Installing ubuntu

Is it possible to install Ubuntu in raspberry Pi 3 and possible to run the autopi dongle.

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I dont know but assume it would be possible, although honestly it seems like it would be lot of work. What particular problem are you trying to solve, that you need Ubuntu ?


thank you for your reply. I am working on a project using ROS which is a robotic operating system that runs on Ubuntu, if it is possible to run the Autopi in Ubuntu then it would be easy to gather the data from the autopi then i can put it in ROS. Do u know the login Id and password for the raspberry pi 3 in autopi, when i connect the HDMI port of the raspberry pi to the screen then it is asking me the login ID and password. Is there any default password for this

Hello @Sharath.

It is possible to install Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi, however you would need to manually install all the functionality that’s already installed on the AutoPi device in order to get those features running and have the device available in

The default user to log in to the raspberry pi is the “pi” user. It’s default password can be seen in under the settings tab. From there, select the devices tab, up at the top of the page and go to the advanced tab for your devices. There you’ll be able to see a list of settings, one of which should be System. Click that and scroll all the way to the bottom. There you’ll be able to see the default user and password and you’re able to change the password there.

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