Installing pip3 to run custom python 3 code

Hello, everybody!

I connected to my AutoPi dongle via SSH to try and install pip3 to get the OBD library working for python 3 code.

I have tried a bunch of different methods but so far I have not been able to make it work. I always get an “Unable to solve host” message and a bunch of errors when I try to apt-get install it.

Did anyone encounter this before? do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Are you running MAC by any chance ? if so you could try asking @Remy_Tsuihiji as he also has had the same issue. But sounds like a dns or hostname issue on the computer you are connecting from.


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I see! I was using a Linux PC, but suspected that the issue might be related to the hostname. Is it possible to connect the AutoPi on my local WiFi network? I was performing the SSH by connecting my pc to the hotspot created by the AutoPi itself.

once again, thanks!

It sounds like your AutoPi isn’t online? From the web UI you can configure your wireless access point and key to provide the Pi with Internet access.

Note that out of the box you can’t reach SSH from the “external” wifi connection, only when you’re directly attached to the AutoPi access point.

Thanks everybody for the responses. I was able to correct the issue by updating the hosts file to include the correct hostname.

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