Importing previous trips via API?

I’ve been using a service called Automatic for a while which records trip and gas mileage data. That service is shutting down so I just pre-ordered an AutoPi. I have about three years worth of trips exported from Automatic which I’d like to import to the AutoPi Cloud. The API documentation is a little bit sparse so it’s not completely clear what I can and can’t do.

Can I import trips using the /logbook/trips/ endpoint? It doesn’t appear to support POST. Can I create new records with PUT? If so:

Would I generate my own UUID? How should the date be formatted? Can I use a custom arbitrary device UUID to indicate that these trips were from my old Automatic dongle? How does the API expect the date to be formatted? Is start/stop_position_display supposed to have an approximated address or something for the start/stop locations? Is duration measured in seconds? Can I add my own arbitrary tags or is it limited to business and personal? How does the batch endpoint function? Since I have over 6,000 trips to import should I be using the batch endpoint?

If the answer is no, could you please create a POST endpoint for /logbook/trips for importing of data? I’m sure I’m not the only refugee from the Automatic shutdown who will be showing up around here in the coming months and I’d love to build an importer to share with the community so we don’t have to lose all of our trips.

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the community.

We are aware of a lot of users being left out by the closure of Automatic. At the moment we dont have an endpoint for importing trips from Automatic, but we are actively working on supporting this. We know that this is important to a lot of users. It will be a short while until this is ready, so for the moment I recommend that you store your old trips locally and then import them when the endpoint is ready.


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