IFTTT Functionality with AutoPi Cloud?

I just saw the email newsletter about the new trigger functionality in AutoPi Cloud. Would it be possible to extend that to IFTTT?

I’m actually an IFTTT Platform customer for my day job at the city of Louisville, and we use it to expose city data to our citizens. I’d love to see the same sort of functionality from AutoPi, and would make a lot of the custom functionality people want to see very easy to implement.

I can answer any questions about use of the platform, and for some ideas on how AutoPi could be connected to IFTTT, check out my Smart Louisville IFTTT channel. https://ifttt.com/smartlouisville . An idea off the top of my head, would be to send Emergency Notifications (Inclement weather, hazardous conditions, active shooter and other public safety notifications) to AutoPi, so you can get them in your vehicle. Or, we’re planning on connecting Waze data we have (road conditions, pot holes, traffic jams) to IFTTT, so you could get notifications, or make the car adapt in some way to the notification.

Just some thoughts, what do you all think?

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Hi Matt

With the trigger functionality we just released, there are two actions a trigger can execute, one is email notifications, and the other is to execute a webhook request. So we can send notifications from the device to IFTTT and other systems that support webhooks, but not the other way around, yet.

Your ideas are really spot-on regarding the problems we would like to solve with AutoPi
We discussed IFTTT integration a while back, and I think that there is a really good chance that we will do some integration with them at some point.

Your channel looks awesome, if only every city was as smart as Louisville! :smiley:
How does the licensing work for IFTTT these days? - I seem to recall it being quite expensive a few years ago.

Best regards
/ Malte

I’ll definitely prototype something with the IFTTT Maker Channel as soon as my AutoPi gets here, I’m already brainstorming on a few things.

Thank you for the compliments! Louisville is getting there, slowly but surely. Kentucky is not the first place people think of with technology like this.

The pricing is much more competitive than it used to be I think, at least for cities to sign up it’s fairly affordable (~$2000 a year?). I can connect you with their Platform team, and they can get you any information that would get you started.