Hyundai kona starter

I’m sure this question been already answered, but i can’t find it.
My question is, is the remote starter working for kona.? If not is there any plan for this.
What triggers are working so far.?
Any one can share with me his/her experience with autopi and kona.

There are already a lot of Kona Electric PID’s in the community library, although sending commands isn’t yet there - nor is there a may on the autopi GUI to send commands.

I’m not sure why its useful to turn the car on remotely, but looks like the openvehicles folks have figured it out - so maybe its possible to read through the openvehicles code and write into an autopi custom script.

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The good thing with turn car on remotely is in winter when park a bit far away.
Openvehicles don’t support hyundai kona yet. As i know

Oh. So pre-heating really. As far as I know, no-one has worked that out yet.

Kona Electric should be the same as the Kia e-Niro BTW as far as Openvehicles is concerned.

Pre-heated as if you turn the car on. The heater will work.
Thx did know that kona and e niro the same for openvehicles… I need to read more…