Hyundai Kona Premium SE PID raspberry pi4 dashcamm and ddns

hi I was working on a pi4 project using a Huawei Wingle and a pi4 for a simple dashboard camera setup. Then I stumbled on Autopi im amazed it hasn’t popped up in my searches.

I see that the Kona EV is catered for but was wondering what kind of functionality I could get from the petrol version.

I use 3 mobile data services winthe a Huawei 4G LTE Wingle which allows ddns and port forwarding so access via webmin or SSH is possible. With the modem module is this possible or does it rely on p2p solely

Has anyone produced a dashboard camera addon or something similar that accesses on board cameras.

My interest is spiked I intend to buy the best module I can to use with a raspberry pi 4 8gb please can you assist with the choices

I have searched but a lot of similar questions go unanswered. Is there a reason behind this in that I am not asking the right questions

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