Hyundai Kona connect EV


hi every body
My web app is still finish, this is the screen shoot
(my dongle is out of order, but hope autopi team will repair it quick)

The small icon is gif, so you can’t see the animation of the gif, connexion searching or batterie, or temperature too hot, warning of level of batterie 12v, or snow because still 4 to -2 degrees, all is gif and animated. also heart for SoH move…
you can imagine
I can make video later
you just need home serveur and mysql and I can give you the php code
you need also create table and create the custom code in autopi

I use custom code (original is from plord) then try to understand and make connection to mysql data base. so I use only custom code. I dont use normal logger.



Last update.
Amp and DC volt