Hyundai Ioniq EV - Setting up correct from scratch

Subject of the issue

Setting up a guide to new and upcoming users.

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On behalf of a Hyundai Ioniq Community, I’m trying to get the best out of the car and AutoPi.
The goal is to make a simple guide for new users.

Dashboard showing:
Map of the trip - Kind of sorted
Parking of the veichle
Line with bat. temp MAX - Sorted
Line with bat. temp MIN - Sorted
Line with in take air for batteri - Sorted
Gauge with speed
Line with speed
Gauge with SOC
Line with SOC
Gauge with 12 v
Line with 12 v - Sorted
Charging speed
Estimated charging speed

Al the above subjects are killing me, since I can’t get the Dashboard to show this information.

The AutoPi itself is pretty hard to keep a live.
I have turn the speaker off, because I don’t want to hear “Going to sleep” constantly.
Today, my 112 km drive is not registreret. The device has gone to sleep.

How do I keep the dongle awake when driving and charging?

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I have an Ioniq BEV and keep it awake with this as custom code and a job that runs it every two minutes.

For the other stuff to have it on the dashboard with the line charts etc. most of what you list can be found in the library for the Ioniq (you need to add a logger to show it in the Dashboard).

There are also ODB II standard functions, e.g. I wanted to use ambient air temp to calculate GOM (none for the Ioniq in the library). As it is standard I just used it from another car.
For the GOM you also need to calculate it, I found a formula in a spreadsheet calculator for it, but at the moment I cannot find it again, the formula is as below:
GOM = 0.01soc_display2800/(16.08813 + (air_temp*(-0.13873))km
2800 is the battery capacity, so it should work for the new Ioniq as well.
It is not perfect but it works kind of ok.

There are quite a few posts on the Ioniq that you can get inspired by :slight_smile:

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