Hyundai Ioniq EV - Setting up correct from scratch


Subject of the issue

Setting up a guide to new and upcoming users.

Your environment


On behalf of a Hyundai Ioniq Community, I’m trying to get the best out of the car and AutoPi.
The goal is to make a simple guide for new users.

Dashboard showing:
Map of the trip - Kind of sorted
Parking of the veichle
Line with bat. temp MAX - Sorted
Line with bat. temp MIN - Sorted
Line with in take air for batteri - Sorted
Gauge with speed
Line with speed
Gauge with SOC
Line with SOC
Gauge with 12 v
Line with 12 v - Sorted
Charging speed
Estimated charging speed

Al the above subjects are killing me, since I can’t get the Dashboard to show this information.

The AutoPi itself is pretty hard to keep a live.
I have turn the speaker off, because I don’t want to hear “Going to sleep” constantly.
Today, my 112 km drive is not registreret. The device has gone to sleep.

How do I keep the dongle awake when driving and charging?