Hyundai Ioniq - Battery level - timing for Conditioning


Hi together,

like Brian Levinsen I also would like to remote control the conditioning of my new Hyundai Ionic. Also checking remotely the battery status would be great. Unfortunately this feature is in Germany (even in Europe? - Bluelink) not avaliable and I hope I can get it with your gerat AutoPi - Project :slight_smile:


Here’s the original post of Brian Levinsen from September 30 on Kickstarter:

I just got the Hyundai Ioniq Electric and this is exactly what was missing, I want to be able to monitor and control things like Battery charge level, Heating/Cooling when parked. Etc.
One thing I was also wondering is if the device can act as an access point for the car and it’s users. So basically sharing the 4G connection over Wifi.

Extending the OBD port

Cool idea @tommy, I can see why you would want to check battery status remotely.

The AutoPi should be able to get the needed telematics from the OBD port in your vehicle. So you should be able to do most of this, by just adding some simple configuration to the AutoPi.


Meanwhile I got Tourqe Pro running with my IONIQ. I used the repository of JejuSoul on Github:

Here you can find the ODB PIDs for the following EV Cars:

  • Ioniq EV
  • Ioniq HEV
  • Optima PHEV
  • Ray EV
  • Soul EV

For my IONIQ EV I can now read for fxample the power of each battery cell. As well as the SOC, temperature of the battery pack, power consumption, etc.
Maybe you can use these PIDs for implementation.
Best Regards, Tommy


That’s so cool, i’l make sure that we do!


I’m currently troubleshooting the connectivity to the Ioniq EV with Peter.
Currently it is not reading much at all from the Ioniq, not even manually.
I do get Voltage levels of the 12V battery, but I do not think it is reading that from the ODB2 CAN Bus, but rather just from the power pins on the port.

I tried to look at the JejuSoul Github files, but can’t really figure out how to send those PID’s with the AutoPi interface. Hopefully we will get this solved, I really like the idea of the AutoPi,

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Hmm. I figured out to get the SOC using a cheap Bluetooth ODB Dongle and a Raspberry Zero. Here you can find the How-to. It is in German, but maybe you can work with the Source code.

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GPS Data & Hybrid Pondering

I just wanted to let you know that we are working on a solution for this.

The JejuSoul github is (as far is i understood it) more of some recipes on how the read and understand the CAN data flowing on the bus of an Ioniq.

We are working on implementing support for SocketCAN on the AutoPi, which would allow us to read and understand the data flow better.

In the mean time, feel free to tinker with the setup on your own :slight_smile:


Hi! Is there any progress made with reading data from Ioniq? I know that cheap OBD reader OBD2 II ELM327 WIFI V1.5 from china for 7 € works like a charm on Torque, but when i tried newer version of this reader i think it was ELM V2.0 with bluetooth connection it didn’t send anything to Torque.
I hope that helps somehow :wink:


Hi everyone :slight_smile: Daniel pointed me here. I have good experience with Konnwei KW902 adapter. Yes, it is an ELM clone but it works.
I’d like to help getting autopi to connect to Ioniq. I have some programming experience (various languages), a few better quality OBD2 adapters (Bluetooth and UART) and Raspberries.
Please let me know if there is any way I can help with :slight_smile:


Hey Daniel.

AutoPi has published code here:

And Tommy linked the JejuSoul OBD-stuff above.

Would love to get this to work, and I suppose AutoPi needs the community. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Brian

I agree with everything you just said :slight_smile: - especially the part about us needing the community which we really, really do. And i hope that once we add more features like CAN sniffing, improve our documentation etc, that it gets easier to contribute in various ways.

The linked repository seems to include a bunch of PIDS, so that would be interesting to see the response from an ioniq vehicle.

Best regards

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Hi Malte,

Any updates on the release that will support EV’s?

I would love to get my AutoPi working in my Ioniq.

Hope to see an update soon. :slight_smile:


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Hi Sandi

It’s not ready for release yet, but we are hard at work.

The changes will also include the ability to retrieve vehicle specific data, in your case EV-specific :slight_smile:
Like charge level battery condition etc - But we will probably need help figuring out what data is available (The linked github repo above will probably help us a lot though)

The changes are bundled under the name “Car Explorer”, and the main focus is to give users an idea about what is available for their specific car, and give them a way to discover new stuff as well.

Have a great weekend
Best regards


Hi Malte

Could this be of intetest?



Hi Mikael

Thank you for the link, that indeed does look very interesting.
Have you tried it on your vehicle?

Best regards


Nope, but I could try to bring you in contact with someone who has, if you are interrested.

I am more into apple products :wink:


I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but at some point it would be pretty cool to know how the application is being used by people, to see if it is covered by the generic functions in our current cloud platform, of if we need to make any changes.

I have been looking through the source code (I love open source :slight_smile: )

Best regards

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In my case only Torque Pro works. Ev Notify -> i’ve installed it but have no clue on how to set it up and as far as i know its ment just to tell you when battery is charged to full and thats just a part of what Torque can read. PID’s from github for Torque are valid… OBD reader is cheap one from aliexpress ELM 327 v1.5 wifi OBD with PIC18F25K80 chip if that helps somehow.


I have used EVnotify before. Unfortunately only the charge status was read with EVnotify, so I changed to Torque Pro.
I also used a cheap ELM 327 adaptor. I have noticed with the adapter that the battery was draining slowly, i.e. after about 2 days the relatively small 12V battery was empty.

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I buy new Hyundai Kona ev
I want do same thing as you.
Remote contrôle the air con and check batterie status.
Can we do it ?