Howto get from RAW analyzis data to command (code, mode, header,...) --> Nissan Leaf


I used the autopi analyzer to collect data on my Nissan Leaf (2016).
The anaylzer records the following row every couple of seconds:

This data contains the odometer value of my car. 4bd7 is exactly the value of the odometer. How can I create a command in the library to log this message? Whats the code, mode, header? I tried several different commands in the terminal?
obd.query bitbullOdometer mode=5 pid=C5 header=7DF unit=km baudrate=500000 protocol=6 verify=false force=true

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Hi Thomas

Currently the Library only supports PID’s by request/response, so if you have a PID that you can use to query the information, that can be done from the library, but it does’t support broadcasted messaged on the bus right now.

We unfortunately had to push that feature to a later release due to time restrictions.
We are working on the next release that will support this.

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