How to query the OBD2 bus via the Dashboard terminal

I have an Ioniq EV and got the Autopi dongle to be able to receive telemetry data. I know that the Autopi software is not ready yet to support the Ioniq, but I was hoping I could access the OBD interface via the builtin terminal in the Autopi dashboard.

I couldn’t figure out how to define the parameters correctly for the obd.query() command.

I tried to see if I could get some data back based on the following list ( that people have confirmed using the bluetooth dongles.

If anyone could help me correctly structure the obd.query() command to read out the SOC parameter from the BMS, I would appreciate it.

If there is any documentation available, it would be great to see it (I have not been able to find anything explaining how to use the available commands).


Hi @romihs,

Great to see that you have started exploring the AutoPi.

We are still working on an alternative solution for all the EV and PHEV vehicles. The issue is that these types of vehicles doesn’t support the standard OBD protocol (even if they should because it’s an EU regulative). The vehicle’s do however give you direct access to the CAN bus. The solution is to replay/listen to CAN message directly on the bus.

We currently use this library to communicate with the vehicle:

The library implements the standards of the OBD-II protocol and covers basic functionality of many vehicles.

But as you discovered the PHEV/EV’s require that you actually listen for traffic on the CAN bus or send’s CAN data “packages”, like the once you’ve found in the lib referred to. The commands from that lib (jejuSoul), is the “codes” needed to get the correct data. What we are working on at the moment is a way to actually deliver these coded to the CAN bus, so we can retrieve the results from them again.

It’s something that is going to be implemented over the coming time and hopefully you could among the first to try it out. We have other users of PHEV, so its something we want to have solved fast.