How to activate beautiful widgets?

When I bought autopi I saw this image:

show a dashboard with very attractive widgets.
in my dashboard I could not activate any of these widgets, they are all uglier.
Where am I doing wrong? are there any guides on how to make an attractive widget like in the image?

Hi Giovanni,

The widget design has been updated since the promo video came out, along with the general dashboard. You’re not doing anything wrong, the design has just changed since then :slight_smile:

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Could you not bring them back?? they look much better!!

I trust you that I preferred the old graphics, the current one is difficult to read and the gauge scales are not adjustable. This makes them almost useless, why this new graphic?

in the instruments of a dashboard it is essential that there is a zero and a maximum full scale value. Possibly adjustable for each type of installation. It makes no sense for the gauge scale to adjust each time, readability is lost.
Moreover it would be useful to be able to color some areas of the graphs / gauge to verify if the indicator stays a long time in the red or green zone for example …

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Hi Toch

I agree with you regarding the colors in the gauge, and being able to configure the min max values.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this?

It makes no sense for the gauge scale to adjust each time, readability is lost.


It is very simple, in an analogue dashboard every instrument is read well only if it is well designed. There must be a precise scale and a maximum value and a minimum value. The instrument must be designed well to be readable. Otherwise it is not functional.
I enclose photos of analogue instruments that read well:

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Hi Toch

Yes I see what you mean - We are working on making the gauges (actually all the widgets) more configurable - so this is on our roadmap.

Best regards

Bye! are there any news on this topic?