How does Core Update work?


i’m sorry to ask this newbie question, but there is almost no documentation available from this kickstarter project and it seems that within the community it was never discussed in details.

I would like to know how an update works of the dongle? Do i have to extract the SD card and reflash with latest image (i do not think so/hope so)…or is there a menu item in the GUI that says UPDATE?
If this is the case…where does the dongle take the data? i have a very limited data plan @simcard
OR is there a way to connect with the WLAN module of the Zero into my home’s network?

Thanks for your informations…

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Hi @njordan.

No this has been discussed in the forum in quite a few tickets.
What you are apparently missing is the info available in every release thread/ticket, if we for example take the latest release that can be found here:

What you likely did not read was this:
Note : Auto updates are currently disabled, but can be enabled in the advanced settings.

Now if/when you log in to You should have gotten this text and also read it:

The settings to trigger the update for your device is found here: