How do you name your car?

I have 3 auto pi units and can’t figure out how to name them so I can tell them apart.

Hello, just click on your avatar, setting and garage.
You can change the vehicle call name.

Found it thanks! Any way to NOT select a vehicle model? The selection is very limited. As an example the Ford F150 is like the most popular selling truck in the US for the last 20 something years and its not in the list. :slight_smile:

Also, how do I change my settings to support freedom units, they never taught us this metric thing in school in the US. :smile:

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You must choices a car because each model use different PID.
For the moment it’s not possible to change unit maybe later there is already a topic about that.

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Haha, freedom units, that’s new :smiley:
As @Regi54 says, it’s something we are working on. That and the time formats…
You may(?) need to select a make and model to be able to set the call name of a device, but currently, the model is not used by the device to do anything differently.

In a near future, the make and model will be used to show what commands etc, is possible for that specific model, and also to help decide how to interface with the car.

I’l take a look at that missing F150 :slight_smile:

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