Hotspot is not accessible

Software version:


Steps to reproduce

no data in cloud and no access(it’s not visible) to hotspot

Expected behaviour

fetching data from cloud server and accessibility two hotspot.

Actual behaviour

there is no any response in cloud and same time I cannot see hotspot

Output of power.status command

I cannot connect to hotspot so I cannot connect to

In more details:
We have several dongles which we started to install them.

  1. we have a dongle already installed on a Toyota Innova and it was working fine but since last week it’s not sending any data to cloud server, so last status is for 8 days ago(but i surprised I’ve got a notification pending with “power.battery.critical_level.voltag” ).

  2. I cannot see the hotspot of network so I cannot connect to it.

  3. I started to work on another device in lab, so I’m powering it with a OBD-II Power Cable by Autopi brand and an adaptor with 12V and 5 ampere. but i cannot see hotspot to connect that as well.

In both cases dongle is 2nd generation 4G/LTE, sim card with available internet installed and green light is visible.

Hi @Mehdi,

Thank you for reporting this.

Can you reach out to

They can assist you with this case. Remember to include the device ID’s that you are experiencing issues with.


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