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I got my Aoutpi yesterday I have an Ionic EV.
There seems to be no ready made widgets all has to be created/installed from scratch (could be that I am wrong and only not finding the information). Looking at the videos and information available it seemed that it could be used out of the box with some functions (e.g. adding/selecting fully functional widgets from the library straight into the dashboard).

I can see that there are “PID”s in the car explorer Community library that I think are useful; Ioniq filtering on different yars but I cannot find any documentation on how to get them into a widget.

The following is what I would like to get at

Battery charge (%); (SOC_BMS and SOC_display)

Battery charging input (kW); (ChgPwr)

Battery temp; (BatMaxTemp (and Min), MONITOR_O2_HEATER_B_1S1 (and 2))

Battery health; (SOH).

Are these the right ones? There are no comments in the PIDs, how to find out?

I think most of these are available in the library (as indicated if they are right), but there is no documentation on how to set it up. When I add a widget there is a fields selection how do I set that up with the appropriate PID?

Thank you for any help!



You have to copy the PID to “my_library”, create a logger, then config the widget



Thank you! Easy enough.

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Hi @AndersO,

Welcome to the community.

Please see this guide on how to use the Car library:

And see this guide on how to add new widgets to the dashboard:


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