HDMI PORT Connect external Monitor Raspberry PI Touch Screen 7 inch


I do not see any HDMI PORT in AUTOPI 4G Dongle. Can you please guide me how to use it ?

Hi @Arvind_Sindhu

Yes of course, please see this guide here:


I can connect using a Mini HDMI to my External monitor, but its only showing login prompt. How do i get the actual dashboards there ?

Hi @Arvind_Sindhu,

See this post:

It explains how to get started with the local dashboard.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for a prompt response. But my issue is how can I login ? When I am using external monitor via HDMI. & How can I make it auto boot, auto login & show dashboard only.

Hi @Arvind_Sindhu,

Please see this guide on how to login to the device.

You can setup auto login just like any other Raspberry Pi.


If you follow the setup in my post (the one Peter linked here), the instructions create the auto-login for the dashboard and as noted in my comments and the links i have posted. You can set the browser to only show the dashboard. The setup is a ‘Kiosk mode’ setup, its not optimal for nighttime or GPS use and with my setup you will have to re-do the config when updating the software as the config is deprecated at update time as I have not tried to have the browser config persist during a update.
but it will get you the things you just listed.
And if you need to just access the bash then just connect a USB keyboard to one of the ports and
log in and setup auto-logon as normal for a raspberry.

If you make improvements or better solution, due list your own solution details so the rest of us can take part of it as well :slight_smile: