Hardware support for option driver recognized modems


As a first step with AutoPi, I’m trying to use it as just a hardware adapter for a modem.
So my setup includes utoPi Telematics Unit - DIY Edition, RPi3 B+ with regular Ubuntu Server OS, without the software stack of AutoPi Core.
To experiment I’ve plugged into AutoPi a number of modems.

All the modems are recognized by the USB stack, that is lsusb recognizes them correctly, however only modems which presents themselves as CDC ACM devices are mapped to /dev/ttyACM*.
Modems using the option driver, which should map to /dev/ttyUSB* are not being mapped, and do not appear. When I connect those modems to Pi via a regular mPCIE -> USB adapter, the modems are mapped correctly to /dev/ttyUSB* on the same Pi with the same OS.

Tested with:

  • Telit LE910-EU v2 (mapped properly in all scenarios to /dev/ttyACM* , CDC_ACM driver)
  • Telit LE910C4-EU (not mapped, option driver)
  • Simcom SIM7100E (not mapped, option driver)
  • Quectel EC25-E (not mapped, option driver)
  1. Does AutoPi support in general option driver recognized modems?
  2. Should this work in my setup?
  3. Would this behave differently with AutoPi Core?

Many Thanks!